Imagine sitting under the portico above the expanse of what was once one of the largest cattle ranches in Colorado. Or picture yourself strolling the halls of this historic Georgian-style mansion that has for the last century played host to artists, politicians and where Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft escaped their fast-paced lives for holidays. A spectacular example of turn-of-the-century architecture and environmental planning in the expansive Ken-Caryl valley. A respite where the grounds were the site of grand picnics and where conversations of art and politics may have forever altered the course of our nation’s history.
Buying an historic property is more than purchasing a unique piece of the past. It is an investment in a living legend. Residing in such a place of craftmanship, lore and genuine old-fashioned beauty takes you far beyond simpy following in the footsteps of presidents, scandalous newspaper entrepeneurs, family relatives or celebrated personalities of earlier eras. Owning a truly historic home opens a window to hundreds of years of insight into who we were and are as a nation, people, culture and society.
While many properties have a story, only a select few have authentic history. The definition of an historic home depends upon a combination of criteria, of which only one is age. In some cases, location alone is enough to secure historic status. Other times, designation by a governing body signifies a special historical interest. Or it could be as simple as who was born there, who visited, who designed it, or its cultural, political, religious or archaeological significance.
The Manor House is truly one of Denver’s most storied addresses. A place where Presidents sat in front of the fireplace of the grand house, smoking a cigar discussing the politics of the day with friends. A place where the great artists of the 20th century came to escape from their fame — and relax. A place that, along with all those famous guests, Denver’s high society has gathered for holidays and events. They would keep a watchful eye on the opening in the Dakota hogback. When the light that sits on top of the flagpole was lit, it would signify that the Denver aristocrats were invited to come out to the Manor House for a gathering.
Over the years that tradition has remained as the property has transformed into a restaurant and event center. The light that has invited so many over the years, continues to shine as a friendly beacon and reminder of our shared local and national history.

Some people want only a new, modern home. They like being first. But many others seek a property with a storied past and timeless appeal. It’s the comfort of permanence, the romance and charm of imaging the past. Historically significant homes add their own lives to yours.

Paragon Realty Professionals markets many exceptional residences of historical significance. Homes that have acquired the charm, quirks, and character of past lives lived out within their walls. Houses with soul. We take great pride in presenting to the world unique places and their stories, and in using our innovative marketing tools and global connections to perfectly match time-honored properties with those who give them new life.